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Creativity has always held a large space in my thoughts, deeds and life.

When I discovered my creativity, (Let's say creativity discovered me) I was a young teen. Poetry flowed through me and photography captured my attention.  

I have always had the desire to try something new.  I consider it to be a "wild" drive, coming to me out of nowhere and holding my attention until I have had the opportunity to explore and experiment.

Currently, I teach Art at/with Sun Gallery in Hayward.  Sun brings art lessons into the classrooms of public and private schools.  I also teach art to children at Adobe Art Center and at Bee Best Learning Center in Castro Valley.  I also work for Twirl, in Alameda, bringing arts and crafts to the after school program in the Alameda public schools.

Teaching my craft(s) to children is a current passion. I find it to be incredibly rewarding. (And fun!)  My mission is to share my experience with our future creators, many who have yet to tap into their creative potential. 

My philosophy of late is "There is No Failure in Art", and every project I undertake is as an experiment.  Thus, allowing for the unexpected outcome of the creative piece.

I am available for photo shoots, parties, classes, & commissions.

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