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The creature slithered up on to the shore, it’s blue carcass glistening from slime. Breathing above water was labored but not impossible. A slurping sound emitted from a pinhole sized nostril. Oozing out of the eyes, a green mucus would stick to nearby objects. Occasionally pulling along small objects that happened to be in the way.

Stunted appendages sprouted from the upper portion of the misshapen organism; finger-like tendrils sedately writhing off of the tips.

This monster had no name, nor a listing in the annuals of science. Its’ presence on planet earth was birthed on the ocean floor. Bubbling up from a sliver of a crevice, it split open the fissure and emerged from the depths. It pulled with it a pod filled with miniatures suspended in an embryonic state.

Leaving the pod on the seabed it floated to the surface of its new surroundings.

Cleo dozed off on her pink beach towel, droplets of seawater shimmered in the midday sun; the saline leaving spots of salt on her skin.

The brute sensed a being off in the distance. Turning towards the unsuspecting woman, the snake like movements slowly carried it across the beach. It was imperative that it keep one tendril in the water, as to not break the connection the oceanwater created. Without it the carcass would render itself lifeless.

Unknowing what was transpiring down the shoreline the woman rolled on to her stomach, absorbing the warm rays. The empty beach was a picture of solitude, bringing her great satisfaction.

Some time had passed before the creature was in the vicinity of the sleeping female. Her distance from the waterline was greater than the length of the slimy mass, which was now punctuated with bits of shells and rocks, its underside caked with sand. In order to reach its’ prey, while remaining attached to its’ briny sustenance, the lower half of the creature began to lengthen, creeping its tendrils closer to the towel.

Once the expansion was complete, it moved in closer to hover over the body, suspending the nostril over her face.

Cleo rolled over on to her back. Shade blocked her sun as if clouds were passing overhead. As the woman began to wake, she heard slow labored slurping sounds. A blob of slime landed on her stomach.

Fearing she was the target of a seagull overhead; she touched her belly.

Then she opened her eyes.

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