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Art Crime

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Jendav slid the piece of fibrous paper under her sleeping quarter. On it was a realistic image of her sitting cube. She drew it late one PM as her parentals were at resttime.

Things such as this were forbidden at this time in history. The year was 2175, and subjects such as art had been forbidden since the year 2100. Ever since the nomads staged an uprising to bring back the ancient craft of the creatives, and were consequently wiped out by the oppressors, this has been the rule of law.

Jendav did not understand why she had such a need to be a creative, even though she could be shunned, arrested, and or put to death. Was it because her ancestors were creatives? And what did that have to do with her?

“Jendav” her fem parental called, “It’s time for your learning quotient.”

“Jenphil” she cried to her fem parental, “Do I have to? I hate catalysts.”

At the turn of the century the naming of offspring slowly changed the world over. A fem child would take the beginning of the fem parental name and add the start of the male parental name to the end. Thus, Jendavs parentels were named Jenphil and Davdon. Fem parental Jenphil was the offspring to Jenpaul and Philanne. Male parental Davdon was the offspring of Davelin and Donric. Naming was confusing, but necessary to sort the masses efficiently.

Fem parental Jenphil opened the slider to Jendavs space. “It’s now. You must. You are aware of the rules.” ”I hate rules” Jendav whined. “I am not feeling it.”

“Who said anything about feeling?” Jenphil snapped. “You know feelings are not allowed. Now quiet and begin your learning quotient.”

The fem parental looked down and saw a corner of paper sticking out from under Jendav’s sleeping quarter. “What is that?” Jenphil questioned. “Where did you get paper?”

Paper was a scarce commodity, especially since it was not necessary for common, every day matters.

She reached down and tugged on the corner of the beige item. Out came Jendav’s drawing of her sitting cube. “What is this?!” The fem parental yelled. “Where did you get this!?”

Jendav’s skin became pale and beads of sweat began to appear on her forehead. Was this her end? She thought. Will her parentals forever shun her? “I…I” young fem stuttered.

Her fem parental began to quiver. She knew this would one day be a problem and the day had come.

The day Jendav was birthed the DNA scan came back with the predetermined life path for her, along with lesser desirable life outcomes.

The first line on the list stated: “Catalyst 35%. Determined life path and desirable goal.” The second line on the list: “Artist 50%. Not to be recognized. Avoid at all costs.” The third line stated: “Vocalist 15%. Never to be addressed nor recognized. From that moment Jenphil knew that the raising of this particular offspring was going to be a challenge.

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