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Blah Blah Blah

Once again, I sit at my computer, surrounded by other writers that are doing the same thing. Sitting at their computers. But… they are writing. Or at least they are giving off the impression that they are making some progress with the written form. I, on the other hand, feel no inspiration, no motivation, no-nothing. Blah. Just blah. Instead of “blah blah blah”.

However, I believe I have just begun a “blah blah blah”. Even though I am feeling blah.

How does one get the creative juices flowing when everything feels stuck, frozen, unyielding?

Does it really work to “just start”? Am I my own speed bump slowing down any possible momentum that I may have? I lie down in the middle of the road of words and block the oncoming train of thoughts.

A mixed metaphor? A bad pun? A war on words? Definitely not a war of words.

Alright, I am going on a tangent and have begun a stream of thoughts.

I do find that when I allow a stream of consciousness to flow, good things tend to happen.

How does one create the creative urge? Does it flow unto itself? Is it willed?

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