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Holidays Can Disappoint

This is the time of year when society gives way to commercialism in the guise of the holidays. “If you love someone give them a gift.” “Show them you care with a brand new tchotchke.”

The holidays bring great joy to some. To others, the holiday season can bring on sadness, depression, or a host of feelings contrary to “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.”

My childhood years were filled with excitement and joy. Mainly because of the surprises that Santa would bring me. As a young adult, while working in the music industry, I attended lavish parties and worked at many events that exuded the fun and merriment of the holiday season. It was a time of fun, Fun and More Fun.

25 yr old Linda as "Madonna" at BGP Xmas party

However, once the childhood excitement wore off and the thrilling activities and events subsided, disappointments began to set in. The season became "The Big Lead Up To Xmas" with stress-filled shopping experiences that were capped off with a night of ripped wrapping paper and flung about ribbon and tissue. Once that period of time had passed, when the anticipation and excitement wore off, depression set in. Then we were off to "The Blahs Of January".

The reality is, that for many, this season is a stress filled time. Some don't have the money to buy gifts for their loved ones. Many do not have loved ones to spend the holidays with. It can be difficult for others to live up to the expectations of this time of year.

This year, after four Christmas Seasons without my mother, who was the biggest fan of Xmas, I have decided to try to bring a little joy into this time. I vowed to try to bring in a little bit of the spirit of the season into my life and home. If nothing else, I can try to bring a bit of moms xmas spirit into my heart.

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