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Creating the New Year's Vision Board

With the new year approaching; I write, I contemplate, I feel and, yes, I analyze.

What have I done this year? How much have I achieved? Have I met my goals? Were there things that worked? Where do I need to make changes?

It's true many people make New Year's resolutions and some eventually find that a good number of their self-promises have been broken. In the past I would make a resolution; only to find a month into the year that I let myself down. Then I would make a vow to never utter another resolution again.

However, this process is different. This year (and last) I created a Vision Board. I did mine in a group workshop; but you can do one at home by yourself. Keep in mind that creating in a group setting helps to set your intention as you are surrounded with others who are also focused on their goals.

I cut out pictures from magazines of images that represent things that I would like to accomplish, and glued them on a poster board. These images represent goals that I would like to achieve in the coming year.

Every time I look at the board I am reminded of things I would like to do. I placed images of travel, health and home to indicate where I would like to be and ways I would like to live my life.

This year I have included Improv and Standup Comedy to my creative desires.

My Vision Board is not a hard-and-fast, to-do-or-die list of necessary tasks. This board grew from a process, which is now a creative reminder of the direction(s) I would like to take. The board is a delightful, gentle, “let’s-do” collage to sway my life in positive directions.

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