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Creative Self Care

Taking care of oneself can be a challenge in our busy lives. But it is because of our busy lives that we can get knocked down with a cold, flu or other ailment. Busy does just that. Knocks me down.

The key I have found is to address the ailment immediately and head on. I also surrender, somewhat, to the illness while putting in motion the “tools” to aid the healing process.

Simply stop what you are doing and take care of yourself!

You see, as I run through my day, it can be so easy to overlook life around me. Besides pushing physically; I end up pushing myself emotionally and spiritually.

It is easy to prop oneself up with decongestants, throat lozenges and packets of Kleenex in order to forge ahead through our busy lives. That method typically masks the illness, wears one down further (possibly prolonging the illness) and risks “spreading the love” to others. We can make a laundry list of excuses as to why we can’t stop to really take care of ourselves. “I must go to work.” “I can’t afford to take time off.” You can fill in the blanks. (Bottom line is; I find the pushing to be counter-productive.)

So, what do I do?

The challenge for me is to allow myself to lay low, on the couch, and rest. My immobile state can hijack my brain into thinking that this extra time is available for creating. Even though the act of creating is a positive pastime, it can still keep me from getting the good rest I need.

When I had a conventional 9-5 job; staying home sick was a welcome relief. I did not have to try to push my tired mind and body through the motions of the work day. With the release from the obligatory “job” my mind and spirit was freed up for “Creation!”. “Yippie!… Cough. Cough.” “Hmmm. Maybe not.”

Taking care of myself is a creative process. I make homemade soup with lots of garlic. A go-to of mine is to boil ginger, then add lemon and honey. This is a process that also soothes my creative soul. It feels good to blend, cook and nurture. This is a pastime that I would not normally do had it not been for coming down with a cold.

Falling ill actually allows me the time to heal my body and mind. It forces me to pay attention to all around me, and within me. I get to recharge my “batteries”; be it spiritual, emotional or physical. I can begin to shift my consciousness and world view. My meditative “rearrangement of my brain.”

We tend to dread becoming sick and then curse it when we do fall ill. Because of the steps I take with self-care, I can find it to be a blessing in disguise. What’s the phrase? “The poison becomes the medicine.”

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