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Creative Drive at 9 to 5

Or Why Am I Inspired Now, Of All Times?

Water Lust. 8x10 Acrylic Pour

I can be driven so obsessively to work on only one type of creativity. I say only one because I have a list of different types of projects and mediums that I have done, am doing, and/or want to get done.

Even though I may be in the middle of a project, or particular piece, my creative wanderlust continually takes me off the existing path into new, or old, territory.

Inspiration can strike anywhere at any time. For example, when I was working at a 9 to 5 desk job; I would constantly be inspired to create. Yet the time was not appropriate to embark on the desired project.

There were times I would sneak poetry. Yes, the words would flow as I was producing an invoice or doing data entry while at a day job. I knew full well that once those poetic images passed through me, it would be difficult to recollect and recreate the piece. Poetry was written on post-it notes and scraps of paper, to be shoved into my purse, then shoved into one of my journals once I made it home.

Can't create everything on the job.

I was not so fortunate when the desire to paint came up while I was at a job, as that was truly an inopportune time to stop what I was doing at the desk. Unlike the poetic words and images that flow right through my head; I could hold the idea of what I wanted to do visually. Most of my painting is abstract, and is left up to its fateful evolution; so the execution of said piece can fortunately take place at a later time. .(#paint #abstractart #creativeurges #nofailureinart #LindaNygard #Poetry #AcrylicPour )

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