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My Grandmothers Crafty Creativity

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

I have fond memories of both of my grandmothers and how they each would express themselves creativity.

Many a visit my paternal grandmother, Linnea, would bring us out into the backyard to proudly show off her vegetable garden and its plentiful bounty.

Linnea and little me

I realize more and more today, in adulthood, how creative they really were, and each in their own unique way.

Now, mind you, when I was a child I did not care too much about my grandmothers’ newest quilt or the relish that she had canned from fresh garden pickings. I was a preteen with other preoccupations and did not have much interest in such activities.

The preteens and grandmothers

Today, however, it is a much different thing.

I now admire and value the forms of creativity that my grandmothers manifested. Whether their crafts came about out of need and necessity; or if the task was solely for pleasures sake, they were truly such wondrous things.

When I was a small child, my paternal grandmother, Linnea, had worked for a seamstress and would fashion clothing for our Barbie dolls. My sister and I were the only kids on the block (probably in the world) who’s Barbie dolls had mink coats and matching mink hats. Grandma would make these teeny tiny blouses, skirts and jackets from the fabric remnants that she acquired at her work. She would also create, “Crazy Quilts”; as my grandfather called them; which were made out of the same said remnants. No. I did not have a mink quilt! But I did have a quilt with a wide assortment of fabrics cut into 3 x 3 squares which were arranged in patterns and lovingly attached to a flannel backing with soft knotted yarn.

You could see the pleasure my grandmother had by the look on her face when she gifted us one of her homemade creations.

As a young adult, my refrigerator held jars of her homemade pickles, relishes and jams. The foot of my bed was covered by a Crazy Quilt.

I am sure that I received the gift of creativity from these two women.

In retrospect, I am sure I am not alone when I say that today I realize the treasure that I had in my grandmothers. And I wish I had the same reverence for them back when I was a child as I have for them now.

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