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No Failure In Art

Creativity need not feel like a struggle...

There Is No Failure in Art .

This became my mantra a few years ago when I decided that I wanted to begin painting again. I repeately had to reassure myself that no matter what I created, it was not going to be a failure.

So often, I would come up with an idea to create something; then become frozen with the idea

that it would not come out perfect. Thus, I avoided even beginning the project. If I did not begin the project how could I be a failure? Yet, I would miss the opportunity to even see what my results would be!

Fear of Failure. Well, let's not even begin...

The more I repeated my mantra while creating, the more I was able to create. I discovered that if a brush stroke was not to my liking, that I could change it, paint over it or let it be and see what would pop up around it. I learned that I did not have to be so fixed with a particular idea. That the end result need not be what I had envisioned in my head. My initial vision was strictly a catalyst to create. The result was from an organic, intuitive journey through the creative process.

My creative time became meditative time

The deeper I went into my process without judgement, the more meditative my process became .

A peace filled me when I was not so hung up on "getting it right". I could enjoy creating and also hold a sense of wonder as I was "observing" the evolution of my art piece.

This has allowed me to WANT to paint, to not feel the need to have excuses for the result; and to actually LIKE the end result of what I painted.

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