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Pushing Myself To Create

For me, the most difficult thing to do is to push myself into the creative process.

My modus operandi, for so many years, was to create when inspiration struck. Only when inspiration struck.

When I felt like it. When I was happy/elated. When I was sad/depressed. When I found myself on either end of the spectrum.

Or when I was overcome with creative ideas.

Never when I was just: Blah. Or content. Or just “being”. Or… just… breathing.

Ok. You get the idea.

My toddler kicks out a tantrum. “I don’t want to!” “I don’t feel like it!” “I am not ‘feeling’ it!”

Jeez! When the hell will I ever feel like writing? Or drawing? Or painting? Or anything?

I can find a million excuses. But why would I have an excuse for something that I love? Why

would I want to run from a process that is unique, fun and exciting?

Are you following me? Can you possibly relate?

When it begins to resemble work, I run.

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