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I had not painted in years.

The closest thing I had to drawing was my doodling while talking on the phone. Now texting has eliminated that as my fingers are busy pecking out words, instead of scrawling a design.

My mantra repeated in my head: “There is no failure in art. There is no failure in art.”

I began to paint, of course with an image in my mind.

I did not have the right color. Damn! I could not mix the color I wanted!

Mantra: “There is no failure in art”

Placing the paint on to the canvas soothed me.

The process of dipping he brush into the paint and passing it along the blank canvas became a meditative practice. It soothed my soul.

Snapping out of my trance I became aware of the image I painted.

“Oh god! What can I do to save this?!”

Okay… “There is no failure in art.” I repeated this over and over.

“There is no failure in art”


More paint. More colors. The form evolving. Exploring: What if I do this? A stroke of blue through this spot. “There is no failure in art.” T.I.N.F.I.A. TINFIA. “There is no failure in art.”

Then once again back into meditative bliss. Contentment. Soothing.

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